Today on this glorious Independence Day of our grand country, I am taking time to remember all of those who fought so hard to gain our freedom and to keep it! We are forever indebted to the men and women who laid their lives down and served our country for generations before us…for us…for our children…for our grandchildren and generations to come. I know personally I have two grandfathers who fought in World War II and I never tire of hearing the stories of their heroism. Each and every day I encourage you to thank a Veteran and allow God to use you to show them love.

My mind shifts then as I think about ultimate freedom. The freedom that can deliver us from shame, sin, illness, poverty, and absolutely anything and everything else that ails us. The freedom that takes away our worries and anxieties. The freedom in knowing there is forgiveness, because we are human and we DO in fact make mistakes every.single.day. The freedom in knowing we are enough to make a difference and have a purpose in this life. The freedom in knowing that we are NOT in control. The freedom in knowing that God’s got this. The freedom in handing over the reigns of our lives to the all-knowing, all-loving God who wants prosperity for each and every one of us. The freedom in knowing that He sent His only son who was beaten, abused, and nailed to a cross to die for the sin of our broken world. The One who paid the ultimate price so that we may truly LIVE!

At some point in each of your lives, I pray that you come to know Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior and on that day, I hope you celebrate your personal independence. The day you were forgiven. The day you were set free from your strongholds. The day the chains were broken. The day you realized your full potential, because God made YOU in His image. The day you believed you could, in fact, chase your dreams and watch them become reality, because God placed them there to begin with. The day your heart was turned from cold and hardened to hot and softened so you could pour love out on everyone, regardless if they had hurt you in the past. The day you woke up and were thankful God gave you another day to bless someone new. The day you began living for the Kingdom and not for the things of this world. Oh, ultimate freedom.

As we all celebrate our national independence that was bought for a price by our American soldiers and their families, I encourage you to remember the principals this phenomenal country was founded on. At the inception of America, our forefathers used the Bible as a guideline to set the foundation of this great nation. We have God on our money. We have God in our classrooms. We have God in the courthouse. At one point, we had Him in the majority of decisions that were made for our country. I believe we are truly blessed with the ultimate freedom to live in this amazing nation full of opportunity and be able to worship and serve our God without punishment. Happy Birthday, America! I am forever grateful for you!

Today I want to come before you with a grateful heart. Thank you, first of all, for your son, Jesus Christ. Thank you for his ultimate sacrifice for our ultimate freedom. Lord, I also thank you for the American Soldier and their families. They have fought long and hard for our freedom in this country and some have also paid the ultimate sacrifice. Thank you for our forefathers who founded this great nation based on your Word. Father God, I pray that you protect this amazing country and that our eyes would be opened to the wiles of the enemy. Help us to see that the conflict today isn’t of flesh and blood, but against principalities. We know, Lord, that each person here in this world today is a sinner and we thank you for your unending grace, mercy, love and forgiveness. Help us to love others without judgement and to see others as YOU see them. Help us to reach out and hug those struggling around us. Empty me of me, Oh Lord, and fill me with more of you. Father God, we pray for our veterans. Help them to know they aren’t alone. Help them to know they have a country behind them 110%. Wrap your arms around them, Lord, so they feel your love. Help us to be a vessel for you, God. We pray for the leadership of our country. Lord, guide us to elect the leaders that are in accordance to your will. Help us to be sensitive to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and to obey the nudging immediately. We truly cannot thank you enough for the blessings in our country and individual lives, Father God. You are incredibly worthy of our praise.
In Jesus’ name,